Municipal History

In the past Cooch Behar was ruled by British through Kings like Jagaddipendra Narayan since before 1885 and the beauty of this ancient Municipal Town is the planned by the kings. The Water Supply System, Street Lightning, Pucca Drains, Wide roads from the King-time have been modernized day by day but the ancient natures could not be maintained. The town has so many heritage buildings like Cooch Behar Palace, Victoria college, Jenkins School, Sunity Academy, Lancedown Hall, Madan Mohan Temple, Baradevi Bari, Hiranna Garva Shiv Mandir, Neelkuthee, Victoria Jubilee Tower, Dangorai Temple etc. The inhabitants of this District are very much proud of this town and the local governments are trying their best to maintain the ancient infrastructure and the heritage buildings. Of which the most attrac¬tive building is the Cooch Behar Palace made [1879-1887] following Italian & Venice Structures, having all modem amenities like Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Football Ground & Cricket Ground, Beautiful Gardens & Ponds, Library & Dressing Room etc. The Archaeological Deptt. has taken over the assets of palace and maintaining the same. The palace  attracts  lot of  tourists.