Basic Informations


It is the District Headquarter of Cooch Behar District and situated on the National Highway-31, at 170 KM. far from Siliguri & 770 KM. from Kolkata. It is situated on the Bank of the river of Torsa. Actually, Cooch Behar is situated in such a position that it is used as Gateway to Assam, Bhutan & Bangladesh.

The area of the Municipal Town is approx. 8.29 Sq.KM.

According to 2011 Census, this Town has a population figure as 77935.
Last Decadal growth 1.38 % and density 9401/ Sq.KM.

Cooch Behar Town experiences extensive raining and most of the rivers of the district become over flooded during the monsoon. The summer here lasts for 3 months i. e. April, May & June with average temperature in between 35C to 38C. The winter season starts here from the end of October and it lasts up to the middle of the March.

The Soil in most of this town is of clayey nature. Due to clayey nature of soil so many big ponds are found in this town and all over the year water is stored there.

The Municipal Town having a long historical background and 20 Nos. Ward is densely populated within 2 Sq.K.M. of its Central periphery. The interesting feature of this Town is the existence of numerous nos. of Tanks & Parks viz. Narendra Narayan Park, Rajbari Park, Keshab Ashram Garden (Ranir Bagan), Hitendra Narayan Park (Goal Bagan), Station Garden etc. etc. which have considerable effect on the environment. A major portion of land of this town is under the control of Defence and a big area on the North Eastern side has Air Strip.

Social Infrastructure


The town has one district hospital having 400 beds. Besides, there are 7 nos. Nursing Homes and Municipal Blood Bank & Medicine Bank.

The Educational facility of this town consists of 1 no. University, 17 nos. High Schools, 41 nos. Primary Schools and 4 nos. Colleges and one Polytechnic and one ITI College.

Within the Municipal there are 4 nos. Daily Markets, 2 nos. Whole Sale Markets & 8 nos. Commercial Complex.

Physical Infrastructure


The town has 154.69 KM. total Roads, out of which 132.74 KM. is metal road & 21.95 KM. is Kancha road.

The Municipal has about 55.25 KM. Pucca drain and 94.75 K.M. Kancha.

The Municipal Authority supplies piped ground water to 12056 nos. of holdings through 3nos. Over Head Tanks and a large area is covered by 476 nos. Hand Tube wells. Project related to surface water scheme under UIDSSMT has already been pressed into service.

Cooch Behar town has its own Trenching Ground but no under ground sewerage system. At present there is no service privy within the town but has 15430 nos. Sanitary Latrine. The Municipal Authority maintains its conservancy works through 5 nos. Trucks, 4 nos. Tractors 3 nos. Tailors, 2 nos. Cess-pool cleaner.

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