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 Work No. : COOCH BEHAR/PHE/2803/17
 Tender Date : 2017-03-27
 Tender Issued By : Chairperson, Cooch Behar Municipality
 Tender Issued Date : 2017-03-27
 Last Date of Issue : 2017-04-03
 Last Date of Tender Receipt : 2017-04-04
 Tender Opening Date : 2017-04-04
 Published On Newspaper : Lipi & the Echo of India
 Tender Subject : Supplying and laying 450 mm dia. RCC Hume Pipe NP2 with Collar over 75mm thick PCC (1:3:6) including excavation of trenches (600mm x 600mm) in all sorts of soil including necessary trimming the sides of trenches, levelling, dressing and ramming the bottom, bailing out water and filling in foundation trenches with good earth as required complete. Constructing Inspection pit to a depth of 1.0 metre (inside), 250 mm thick 1st class brick work (1:4) in all sides over a layer of brick soling and 100 mm thick cement concrete with stone chips (1:3:6) including necessary earth work, plastering inside and outside (upto 100 mm below G.L.) with 20 mm thick cement plastering (1:4) and neat cement punning, including supplying,fitting and fixing one 600mmx 600 mm. R.C.C. manhole cover of approved make with R.C.C. slab of 100 mm thick with cement concrete (1:1.5:3) with stone chips including necessary reinforcement (upto 1%) and shuttering complete in all respect and removal of surplus earth with all costs of labour and materials. (i) 900 mm X 900 mm (inside) chamber including fitting and fixing 450 mm dia. RCC Hume Pipe of approved make.
 Tender Header Note : Sealed quotation are hereby invited by the Chairperson, Cooch Behar Municipality from the reliable, resourceful and bonafide agencies/suppliers for the work of the following articles for Water Supply Scheme under UIDSSMT.
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 Completion Period : 15 Days
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